CDQ Management

CDQ Allocations, Fisheries and Industry Partners

Through the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, NSEDC has been allocated a percentage of all Community Development Quota (CDQ) species, including groundfish, crab and halibut.

Annual catch specifications are established each December through the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s TAC (total allowable catch) setting process. These annual catch specifications are then combined with NSEDC’s CDQ allocation percentage to determine our annual catch allowance.

Annual CDQ and target fisheries for red king crab in Norton Sound and halibut in IPHC area 4D/E are predominantly reserved for local fishermen residing in NSEDC member communities. Annual CDQ of most other groundfish species and the greater Bering Sea CDQ crab fisheries are harvested and processed in cooperation with our with industry partners.

Over the years, NSEDC has developed a number of business relationships and harvesting agreements with partner fishing companies and vessels. Many of these industry partners have worked with NSEDC since the inception of the the various commercial fisheries of the CDQ program. NSEDC holds ownership stakes in the operations of some of its industry partners. As a rule, NSEDC and harvesting partners work cooperatively and share in revenues generated from the sale of CDQ-related products through royalty payments, profit sharing and/or ownership interests, and employment opportunities.